The AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal guarantees:

  • Regional origin
  • Excellent product & processing quality
  • Short food supply chains
  • Family-run businesses


It is awarded to direct agricultural sellers, producers and restaurants. Participating businesses are compelled to follow the clear criteria of this quality and origin assurance system and their compliance with the guidelines is verified by external supervisory bodies.


Direct sellers only use their own raw materials in their produce. Producers, such as butchers, bakers and confectioners, turn regional ingredients into high-quality foods. And restaurants use verified regional meat, dairy produce, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fish and game. In the case of meat, this applies to at least two out of three types (beef, pork and chicken) and for fruit and vegetables this concerns potatoes, as well as three other perennial types. One type of fish and one kind of game must be regionally sourced. All this is regularly reviewed by external supervisory bodies.


Around 3,000 participating businesses have now been awarded the AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal, thereby standing for certified quality, traceable origin, short food supply chains, and food which is always freshly prepared. The AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal is therefore nationally recognised and affirmed throughout the EU.


Please visit for a list of all quality-certified businesses.

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