In the Land of the Alps, there is an officially recognised quality seal for food from organic agriculture – the AMA Organic Seal. It stands for excellent quality, organic production and strict monitoring. It is based on precise criteria which are set out in guidelines. This ensures organic production.


The AMA Organic Seal stands for: 

  • 100% organic
  • Excellent quality
  • Transparent origin of raw materials
  • Independent monitoring
  • EU Organic Regulation and additional requirements of the AMA-Marketing guidelines.

100% organic

In the Land of the Alps, the EU Organic Regulations are exceeded by the even stricter guidelines of the AMA Organic Seal. For example, the EU Organic Logo requires at least 95% organic ingredients in processed products, but the AMA Organic Seal calls for 100%.

Excellent quality

Stricter criteria than legally required ensure excellent quality: product analyses, sensory tests and hygiene regulations go into every detail. In the case of butter, for example, maximum hardness, lower germ counts and the absence of many additives are specified. Extensive feeding and a longer life span of the animals have a positive effect on the marbling of meat.

Transparent origin

The red-white-red AMA Organic Seal guarantees the traceable origin of the product from Austria. This is monitored from milking onwards in the case of milk, and from birth onwards in the case of meat.

Independent monitoring

Organic products with the AMA Organic Seal are strictly checked in a multi-stage monitoring system: 

  • self-monitoring by the farms,
  • regular external audits by independent state-accredited auditors,
  • supervisory inspections by AMA-Marketing.

EU Organic Regulation and AMA-Marketing guidelines

The EU Organic Regulations, such as 2018/848, 834/2007 and 889/2008, are the legal basis for food from organic farming in Europe. AMA-Marketing has additionally defined stricter guidelines for the AMA Organic Seal. This holistic approach covers operation, hygiene, production and animal keeping, right through to packaging.


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