The AMA Quality Seal provides reliable information about:

  • Excellent quality
  • Traceable origin
  • Independent monitoring


Excellent quality

Strict guidelines define requirements that go beyond what is legally required in many areas. From animal feed (pastus+), animal health and hygiene to quality and sensor technology – everything is checked for the highest quality. Because only healthy animals deliver the best quality milk and meat.


Traceable origin

The red-white-red AMA Quality Seal guarantees the traceable origin of the product from Austria. This is monitored from milking onwards in the case of milk, and from birth onwards in the case of meat.

Independent monitoring

A multi-stage monitoring system ensures the highest quality in the Land of the Alps:

  • self-monitoring by the farms,
  • regular external audits by independent state-accredited auditors,
  • inspection monitoring by AMA-Marketing.


More information about the AMA Quality Seal

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