The Land of the Alps exports naturally and traditionally farmed foods of the highest quality. AMA Export Marketing provides information in the export markets about alpine agriculture and quality products as part of the AMA Quality Seal, the AMA Organic Seal and the AMA GOURMET REGION.

The variety ranges from alpine cheese and other cheese specialities to yogurt, butter, sausages and speck ham and from TSG Haymilk to organic products of all kinds. Transparent communication is a must. That´s exactly what we do. The AMA Export Marketing team provides:

A networking platform

AMA Export Marketing is a connecting platform for interested parties (wholesalers and retailers, specialists, opinion formers etc.) of the export markets and agricultural producers of milk and dairy products as well as meat and meat products.


Marketing und events

A variety of events illustrate and inform about natural alpine production in the Land of the Alps. Information campaigns strengthen trust in the products.


International trade fairs and tastings

AMA Export Marketing offers local producers and their brands presentation opportunities, organises tastings at the point of sale, supports partners throughout promotion weeks and provides advertising material for retail promotions.


Online content: image, video and text

There is plenty of online content available, covering information, images and texts about alpine farming as well as dairy and meat production in line with the AMA Quality Seal and the AMA Organic Seal.

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Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH (AMA-Marketing for short) sets visible new standards in quality, transparency and controlled origin of agricultural products.


AMA-Marketing was commissioned with the promotion of agricultural marketing in 1995 in the course of Austria's accession to the EU. It is professionally competent, solely committed to quality, transparent, neutral and trustworthy.


Its legally defined main tasks are: 

  • Promoting the sales of agricultural products across all markets – including the export of food products to the EU internal market and worldwide markets. 
  • Developing and implementing various quality programmes for food. These include the AMA Quality Seal, the AMA Organic Seal and other national labelling schemes.

AMA-Marketing is a 100% subsidiary of the state market regulation body AMA. Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA for short) was created by the AMA Act as a legal entity under public law. It is an EU-compliant market regulation body and implements all EU market regulations. AMA is regulated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

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