In the Land of the Alps, agriculture is shaped by nature and closely knit with tradition. Within the alpine region in particular, living conditions for humans and animals are often harsh. The mountains are rugged and the slopes steep. Even in summer, sudden changes in weather often occur within hours and even snowfall is possible. This harsh landscape yields to traditional, natural products.
FoodBergkäse (alpine cheese)

Alpine cheese has a long tradition in the Land of the Alps. Generations of farmers have sought ways of preserving and refining milk, an especially valuable commodity.

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FoodSpeck ham

In the Land of the Alps, speck ham (air dried ham) is an alpine speciality with a long tradition. Its production requires a great deal of experience, patience, knowledge and natural raw materials.

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FoodOrganic food

Austria is number one in the EU for organic farming. Around 26% of the country is farmed organically and every fifth farm is organic.

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Haymilk has been produced in the Land of the Alps since time immemorial. It is a very natural and traditional method of milk production. Haymilk cows are fed exclusively on grasses and herbs.

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