Export Marketing
Natural foods from the Land of the Alps inspire confidence thanks to their monitored quality and guaranteed origin. We bring the full variety to life – to be experienced with all the senses:
Export MarketingInternational trade fair presence

The AMA-Marketing stand offers trade visitors the opportunity to get to know natural agricultural products from the Land of the Alps. AMA Export Marketing provides information about alpine agriculture.

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Export MarketingField trips

Experience the Land of the Alps in person with all your senses. Bespoke trade visits can be organised to farmers and processors where there is specific interest in Austrian products.

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Export MarketingPOS activities

AMA-Marketing promoters present customers and specialist POS staff with natural specialities from the Land of the Alps – tailored to the respective market.

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Export MarketingTalks

AMA-Marketing organises national and international talks on alpine agriculture and its natural products.

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Export MarketingBlogger cooperations

AMA-Marketing organises cooperations between well-known food bloggers in the respective export market and agricultural producers in the Land of the Alps.

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Export MarketingArt project: RAU

The art project "RAU" came to life in 2018 at the initiative of and in coordination with AMA-Marketing. The myths of alpine farming and Austria's traditional, natural food production were captured in black and white photographs.

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Export MarketingGiro del Cibo

As part of the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) “breathe.time” campaign and in cooperation with AMA-Marketing, the “Airship” was set up in Rome.

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Export MarketingEU co-financed projects

AMA-Marketing implements projects that are co-financed by the EU.

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